What security solutions are you looking for?


Surveillant Consultation

With a vast knowledge of communication electronics and the security industry we can provide consultation on enhancing your businesses security. 

Surveillance Systems

Access Control

Intercom and Communications

Network Infrastructure

System Design

Surveillant System Design

Having started in the field as installers and technicians and spent time in the construction industry we know the inner workings of buildings and structures. 

We know what will work for security components and can design a system around your needs and the physical site.


Surveillant Installation

We follow all of the industry standards and improve upon them where we can. There are installers out there that do the minimum to cut costs and rush through a job. We will not do that. We would rather do it right the first time because it will save time, stress, and cost for all involved.

Maintenance and Service

Surveillant Maintenance and Service

We pride ourselves on our level of Service and Maintenance we can provide. Customer service is lacking in most industries and we strive to provide timely service and an outstanding customer experience. 

Warranty and Satisfaction

Surveillant Warranty and Satisaction

We back all of our installations with a standard warranty on workmanship and if you are not satisfied then the job is not complete.

Areas we Service:

Harris County - Fort Bend County

Sugar Land - Houston - Richmond/Rosenberg

Katy - Pearland

Will travel up to 50 miles from Sugar Land, TX!